Aquarius Wednesday 21st March view Tuesday or Thursday

A question might exist about how supportive you should be of someone's idea. You might believe you're covering old ground or a past decision should be seen as a necessary precedent to what's on offer now. Even if you have reservations about what someone's proposing or considering, be willing to show support. What's suggested or proposed probably isn't as far-fetched or ridiculous as it sounds. Do you want to know what the planets have in store for you during the next twelve months? Try for free!

Weekly Horoscope starting 16 March

This week, Mars focuses its intense energy on the area of your chart that governs your secret dreams, fears, hopes, and wishes. The same area rules your subconscious mind, intuition, and instinct and all that's hidden, going on behind the scenes or confidential. Between the 17th and 16th of May, you could use this time to come up with a private or secret plan. It could also result in your energy levels flagging and you feeling a need to relax more. If the urge to detach yourself becomes strong this week, then seize a chance to relax, unwind and take stock.

Monthly Horoscope for March

There will be little point in getting worked up about a financial matter or expense. Whether this is tax-related or another form of essential expenditure, face it, tackle it, and move on. You might not have as much flexibility or room for maneuver as you wish you did, but that doesn't mean a monetary matter can't be resolved swiftly and effectively. From the 17th, there could be something you feel is necessary to keep to yourself, perhaps a plan, project or idea that you will reveal to the world only when you believe it's ready to do so. This might also involve you detaching yourself from the rest of the world to pursue it. If you feel your energy or passion flagging, then take that as your cue to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. By mid- May, it will be a very different story about where your energy will be focused, but March marks the start of some necessary “you time.“

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