Cancer Wednesday 21st March view Tuesday or Thursday

A strong sense of restlessness could make focusing on work tricky, especially if focusing on a fantasy is necessary to remove tediousness from certain tired routines. Sharing ideas with others can help you to gain a stronger understanding of what's needed to make one dream become real. Listen carefully all feedback you receive. One person could shed intriguing light on the best way to resolve a tense or sensitive home or family issue. What financial skills do you possess? Discover the underlying priorities that drive your earnings with a Career Analysis.

Weekly Horoscope starting 16 March

Why do people say 'the truth hurts'? This probably has much to do with refusing to face and accept it. However, knowing the truth about any situation – or ourselves – has to be a better situation to be in. Living in ignorance and being unconcerned about discovering reality means we're bound to return to Earth with an uncomfortable bump eventually. This week, a truth could emerge in an area of your world. You might not welcome it immediately but will soon be grateful for knowing the reality of one situation, arrangement or future vision.

Monthly Horoscope for March

It could become clear during early March that you hold more power and influence over certain matters and arrangements than you thought you did. Even if one relationship, commitment or contract comes to an end, secretly, you'll feel more relief than regret. However, perhaps the biggest news involves mighty Mars influencing partnerships and commitments from the 17th until mid-May. This brings as much passion as it does stress to a relationship but increasing the former and reducing the latter is by no means impossible. Making a concerted effort to channel energy positively and putting in place an understanding with a loved one or partner that any stressful issues get nipped in the bud before they escalate will ensure you get through the other side unscathed - and possibly with a big smile on your face!

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