Capricorn Friday 22nd June view Thursday or Saturday

Plans we make often require us to look for 'past precedents.' There are always one or two lessons we learned previously that could be applied to what we're about to embark upon. However, these shouldn't always be a set-in-stone way of assessing the future. Whatever happened previously doesn't offer a guarantee it will happen again. Where something familiar is unfolding now, you're dealing with a new set of circumstances that put you in a strong and much more reassuring position. Have you an upcoming important decision to make? Try Predictor for free.

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 June

Although much might feel reassured where financial investments or other people's resources are concerned, your personal finances start to encounter obstacles and delays from this week until the end of August. Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will be weakened until then. While this doesn't necessarily mean your earnings will come to a standstill, you're likely to reassess how you're applying energy to earn money. It could become clear that a talent or skill is underused, and you might feel urged to make better use of it. Also, the coming week brings Full Moon in your sign. Its link to Saturn implies rewards can come if you use your powerful and authoritative presence wisely. It could be time for you to start 'calling the shots' in some way.

Monthly Horoscope for June

Your focus is shifting to change occurring on the work and possibly health fronts, and there could be something exciting about an 'enough is enough' attitude you're applying to either or both. Your best move would be to explore and weigh up your options during the first half of June and then adopt a gung-ho attitude toward changes you want to bring. Then, the focus shifts to what you earn - and how you spend or invest it! The end of June might coincide with an earnings or money-related plan being sidelined or delayed, but this gives you a chance to look closely at talents you possess and if money received so far reflects their worth. Exploring new options regarding putting your effort and talents to better use could prove revealing and inspiring!

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