Capricorn Thursday 18th January view Wednesday or Friday

When we ask someone to assist or support us, we tend to want quick and simple agreement from them. If we find our request to be met with umpteen questions we have to answer or justify, then we move on to find someone more obliging. Be careful how you respond to something asked of you now. You might have numerous questions related to it, but these exist only to help you gain an accurate understanding of what you're asked to do. Someone might misinterpret this as you not being interested. Agree first, ask questions later. Opportunities are all around us but we sometimes fail to spot them. Try Predictor for free.

Weekly Horoscope starting 12 January

We know what's meant by the saying, 'to take the reins.' By taking control of a situation, we become better placed to steer it in a way that offers a better outcome. This week, you're well placed to transform an aspect of your world by taking the initiative and gaining control over something you have perceived, for some time, to be beyond your control. It's time to gain more influence over something or someone you've felt beholden to. Summon the courage to do so, and see what happens to your optimism levels as a result.

Monthly Horoscope for January

If you received more praise, would you welcome or be suspicious of it? If you felt more loved and wanted, would you embrace or be uncomfortable with it? The answers to both questions will become clearer this month as fantastic cosmic support is on offer to bring more recognition, praise and, above all, love to your world. Don't be shy or modest when all of the above come your way. You know you've earned and deserve each. Now, it's time for others in your world to acknowledge this.

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