Leo Friday 22nd June view Thursday or Saturday

Some people seem to charm, persuade and coerce others with 'smooth talking.' However, meaningful progress can only happen with any exchange if both sides are willing to listen and don't dominate it by pushing their point. You have a very valid point to make but accept that listening is integral to doing so. That will ensure a very satisfactory outcome. Challenged? Identify the right time to make a choice or decision with a Forecaster reading. Try for free!

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 June

A comfort zone could be deep, or complacency might have become too prevalent in a relationship, whether business or personal. You might have been unsure about what to do to shake things up or inject life into what has become lifeless. It's possible either you or a partner feel taken for granted or ignored, and it has been easier to push aside any issues rather than bring them into the open. That changes from this week and coming events help you and a certain person to face and accept what needs to be faced an accepted. Improvements won't happen overnight, in fact, you could be looking at the end of August before these happen, but you'll be glad to get the process underway this week.

Monthly Horoscope for June

In areas of your world where you've believed everything was hunky dory or ticking along predictably, the cosmos appears keen to shake things up. You needn't fear any shocking or sudden surprises. If anything, you're encouraged to accept where complacency has set in and how you're missing out on delightful opportunities because you'd prefer to stick with what what's familiar or comfortable. Guess what? The cosmos has other ideas about what would bring deeper levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, and that's what June is all about it. You're about to replace outdated ideas and visions with newer and far more inspiring ones.

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