Libra Sunday 23rd July view Saturday or Monday

Getting caught up in someone else's enthusiasm for something might be exciting briefly but when you return back to Earth, you could find you have agreed to or supported something without giving a proper thought. If you find yourself impressed with someone's passionate and clever way with words, then take that as your cue to step back and look at what's being asked if you in a very shrewd and discerning way. How two people get on? It's important to discover the nature of the partnership you have created together. Look now.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 July

A sense of pessimism could grow strong this week. It might feel very real and justified but before you accept is as being so, be willing to see a certain situation in the right and necessary perspective. You might be very aware this week of what's missing in your world and believe all would be hunky dory if you had it or more of it. Yet, it's by focusing on what you believe is waiting to go wrong that you're preventing what you need from becoming available to you. Believe a situation can and will improve and that's precisely what it will start to do.

Monthly Horoscope for July

Venus exerts a fantastic influence on anything associated with 'broadening the mind' and anything connected with travel, publishing, media or broadcasting is superbly starred. Librans looking for love could find it with someone connected with overseas or who has a unique and intriguing background. A home or family matter raises its head around the Full Moon on the 9th and priority might need to be given to resolving a family-related issue. A new income stream or surprise bonus could remove any worries about finances. Be patient and see what transpires!

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