Pisces Thursday 20th September view Wednesday or Friday

There's a wise, old saying about one door opening as another closes. Recent events might have seen you focused intently on what has been removed from your world and wondering how to replace it. The opportunity presenting itself now is firing your imagination and pushing you to consider what might be possible were you to take a brave step in some way. Give it serious but open-minded consideration. Is your relationship a true success? Find the best way to keep your love alive and behave towards one another.

Weekly Horoscope starting 14 September

Mist films tend to stick to a similar duration, with 90 or 120 minutes being the norm. At some point, it was decided that allowing that length of time was needed to tell a story properly. What about the story unfolding in your world? This week, you might wish it would skip a few scenes and head straight to the good bits. However, these rely on the story progressing gradually with all essential information included. Otherwise, the story wouldn't make sense, would it? So, try to be patient. What you're experiencing this week is an essential part of the plot's development.

Monthly Horoscope for September

Recent weeks might have involved you looking inward for answers and possibly keeping thoughts to yourself. This might have been due to not having the energy or inclination to discuss openly what you think or feel, or as if making progress in any area of your world requires more effort than you've been prepared to give. From this month, all of that changes. The desire to bring a fresh start and new beginning to your world intensifies during coming weeks, and the changes you're about to introduce will mean there can be no looking back once they're made. However, your keenness to look to the future will override any hesitancy or uncertainty. It will also be progress you make with partnerships and one in particular that makes this month extra special. Whether romantic or business-related, teamwork results in something to be immensely proud of!

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