Pisces Wednesday 20th September view Tuesday or Thursday

Your sensitivity could be heightened, encouraging you to want to spend hours in a colorful and comfortable world of fantasy. However, you're more interested in hearing what others think as the New Moon highlights partnerships and others' opinions. While there's nothing wrong with wanting validation from others for your dreams and aspirations, don't abandon your perceptions in the belief others know more about something than you. They don't. How do you match up with your partner? A Relationship Success reading helps you find out!

Weekly Horoscope starting 15 September

Communication planet Mercury affects commitments and relationships. However, impatience on your part could be stifling progress in a particular area. This might also surround a particular financial development you wish would hurry up and happen. Although current circumstances could soon be transformed beyond recognition in the future, try to embrace and appreciate what's on offer in the present. This week, try to resist accelerating what cannot and will not be hastened.

Monthly Horoscope for September

If you've been considering exploring potential work opportunities or embarking upon a self-improvement plan of some kind, then coming weeks could bring reassuring and pleasing results. September looks set to be a month that brings greater levels of creative fulfillment, too. If your imaginative ideas have fallen on deaf ears or been misunderstood, then it looks like someone is about to get your point. It's the Full Moon in your sign that could make the first half of the month a particularly emotional time. This will be made considerably easier if you accept that others' problems needn't be your own or you needn't feel guilty about something beyond your control.

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