Scorpio Thursday 20th September view Wednesday or Friday

We might all sometimes wonder if there's a part of our brain that creates second thoughts and deliberately presents them in the most untimely or unhelpful ways. You might look at the way a situation in your world is altering and mistake the very positive way it is doing so as something that you should be concerned about or, even worse, doubtful and pessimistic toward. Don't allow these distracting feelings to thwart an otherwise solid and very beneficial plan. Are astrological events going to affect your chart? Find out with Predictor. Try for free first!

Weekly Horoscope starting 14 September

This week, it's important to spot the difference between viewing a situation realistically and viewing it pessimistically. How can you tell the difference? That's easy. If you see it only in a negative light, then you're not viewing it realistically! Sure, there can be a long list of reasons why something unfolding in your world is far from ideal or the cause of much concern and strife. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. Allow this week's developments to help make clearer why you should feel more optimistic.

Monthly Horoscope for September

You might have felt you'd met your match recently where a family member's stubbornness is concerned or been at a loss regarding how to resolve a home or family issue or dispute. A glimmer of hope might have arrived around the end of August but during September, whatever has been a bone of contention is about to become less of an issue. With Venus in your sign from the 9th, your ability to convey yourself graciously is intensified, helping to bring harmony to any tense discussions, but also boosting your powers of attraction significantly! Friendships – both existing and new – are also featured as your social life picks up. One friend could be a pillar of support where you need it as September draws to a close.

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