Scorpio Wednesday 21st March view Tuesday or Thursday

An area of your world that might have been moving forward comfortably and predictably might feel as if a handbrake has been applied to it suddenly. This could make progress feel on par with walking through treacle. You might be able to take some small steps, but frustration attached to doing so will outweigh any feeling of accomplishment. Instead, make use of this brief 'down time' or period of reflection. Enjoying some 'you time' might be a better use of your time. Find true relationship success, how does your parttner really respond to you?

Weekly Horoscope starting 16 March

From the 17th until the 16th of May, Mars influences all things related to communication, ideas and how you convey yourself. Your words can often carry considerable clout, but they'll be extra power-packed during this period, so be careful. However, the positive side involves you being able to come across as determined in ways you might need to be to make a point or get someone on your side. You receive the first chance to put this to the test this week. Be firm but also be sensitive.

Monthly Horoscope for March

A special partnership can be formed or strengthened during coming weeks, and this could become evident from the 1st. Once the New Moon occurs on the 17th, It could be all systems go! With Venus working her magic in your work sector, romance could blossom in the workplace. Some Scorpions could find a friendship starts to deepen or becomes more important. You will also have power planet Mars influencing communication from the 17th until mid-May. Your words can often carry considerable cloud, but they will do so even more during this period, So, summon your Scorpion sensitivity before speaking your mind! By the 31st, the urge to detach yourself from others or the world generally could be strong. If you feel a need to do so, then don't resist it. It might be essential for you to regain balance and recharge what needs recharging!

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