Taurus Sunday 23rd July view Saturday or Monday

Agreeing to disagree with someone is a far better option than standing your ground and defending a point vehemently. Someone doesn't share your opinion or belief, that's their prerogative and it needn't become a bigger issue likely to become an increasing drain on your time and patience. Take the high road and move on from this tedious spat. Discover the secrets of real passion and a better relationship.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 July

Something in an area of your world – a plan, project or possibly a relationship – could be prone to being overanalyzed this week. That's because you're probably more trusting of what your head is telling than the message your heart is begging you to consider. If you want to see whatever-it-is in a cold and logical way, then you're likely to be oblivious to the very sweet, heartwarming developments on offer. Your head has had enough of a chance to give its opinion. Now, it's time to start trusting what your heart has to say.

Monthly Horoscope for July

Progress related to earnings could come in the nick of time and with Venus, working her magic where earned income and material possessions are concerned, coming weeks could bring more than one exciting and reassuring development on the financial front. The 18th is a day to push your luck or see what effort made to enhance your earnings brings you. From the 20th, focus shifts to home and family matters and one development connected with your domestic set-up or a family member could be cause for celebration!

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