Child Gifts Profile build confidence for the future!

Understand and track future progress – abilities are identified and used in a self-assured way.

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Child Gifts

Parents and child can track development . . .

Encouraging and helpful, each Child Gifts Profile helps to build a young person’s confidence. With better understanding and confirmation of the talents and particular skills, a new found self-assurance is formed to bring about a more confident approach to education and training as well work and career path choices.

Potential revealed in 3 sections . . .

Foundations - Development - Independence

Foundations . . .

Essential Characteristics – Emotional and feeling nature – Relationship with mother – Personality

Development . . .

Assertiveness – Friendship and social attitudes – Power of the mind – Money

Independence . . .

Higher education and establishing values – Power and Transformation – Career and ambitions

Encouraging characteristics of your child . . .

By tracing development potential, you have a better understanding of a correct path to pursue and are able to make adjustments based on the confirmation of a child’s most distinctive characteristics and abilities.
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